About Us

REENGS GmbH is established in 2013 by a group of engineers who has a 30 years experience in Bulk & Solid and Complete System Solutions.

Complete systems for the Ready mix and Precast industry are covered in the production line of REENGS GmbH; beside having a reclaimer, grey water pits, agitators and pumps, Our companies supplies the unique system for “grey water” in the waste pool of the Concrete Batching Plant’s.

Main idea is not to clean the water, our experience in sensors business let our customers, to determine the density and regulate the density according to EN1008 norm.

CLRS System designed for the Concrete Sustainable quality of concrete production which is generated with the grey water in the pool, by not eliminating or filtering the particles of cement and filler dissolved in grey water. 

As highly experienced process engineers, for recycling systems of us; easy-to-use, tailored packages provide solutions which far exceed today’s environmental precautions.

"REENGS’s main scope is to determine the waste outputs of the processes and focuses on the methods for reusing these outputs as efficient as possible by not effecting the finished products of the production line."

For the 21st  Century , waste management became vital for the environmental reasons, in addition to environment ; companies targeted to produce at more green processes.

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