CRS Concrete Reclaimer System

CRS Concrete Reclaimer System

▶ CRS is designed to recycle aggrete inside ready mix concrete with high level of classification.

▶ CRS has a large holding hopper for 2m3 of capacity where pumps and truck mixer can drop returned concrete easily, self embedded water hose let users easily clean their truck on the field & CRS provides a land gain at the field of batch plant.

▶ Most important aspect is the seperation of aggregates according to their mesh size. Two mesh sized aggregates, are the output of the CRS series. Sand & aggregates are seperated by CRS series and grey water is send to pool via drain channels.

▶ The CRS is offered in 2 different configurations with the CRS20 model with a nominal capacity of 20m3/s and the CRS30 model with a nominal capacity of 30m3/s.

▶ Material Classification

CRS recycling system is the first recycling system that separates the materials above 0-5 as well as the materials below 0-5. In this way, it increases the usage rate of dirty water considerably, but it also has the ability to wash only with dirty water.

▶ Lubrication-Free Bearing System

The bearings in the CRS recycling system have oil-free bearing and the system works with water. There are no bearing and bearing failures that may occur due to oil consumption and oillessness

▶ PLC and Automation System With Control Panel

In the automation of the CRS recycling system, the following specified settings can be set by the responsible person at the facility via the panel the system is encrypted. In addition, there is an air control switch on the machine, which turns off the machine when the air is cut off in the system.

- Taking dirty water and washing

- Getting clean water/ washing

- Washing time

- Manual test

- Optional machine speed adjustment

- Separation and washing mode

▶ Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

Thanks to the automation of the system, the machine automatically cleans itself. The pump or mixer operator using the machine will only use the start and stop keys. There is no need for daily cleaning or maintenance because it is a non-lubricated system. Weekly visual inspection is sufficient.

▶ Seperation Speed

The system has a seperation capacity of 25-30 m³/h. Optionally, with a speed drive, the separation capacity can be increased.


Technical Details

Capacity:                       CRS20: nominal 20m³/h

                                        CRS30: nominal 30m³/h

Aggregate Size:            3-25 mm

Powder or Sand Size:  0-5 mm

Control Voltage:            24 V

Total Motor Power:       15 kW

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