SCRU-S Concrete Reclaimer System

SCRU-S Concrete Reclaimer System

It is designed to wash and separate concrete components for recycling purposes.

Concrete reclaimer system is a complete system comprised of a feeding station with vibrating feeder, concrete reclaimer unit, control board and PLC.

This system allows the recycling operation to be evenly distributed during working hours.


Feeding station:

Feeding station consists of a main hopper and vibrating feeder. Thanks to its adjustable cover, it provides steady/optimum feed into the concrete reclaimer unit.

It is suitable to be filled by a loader or similar machine and steadily feed the material into the concrete reclaimer unit.

The feeding inlet can be manually adjusted to prevent clogging or blockage. Together with the main hopper and vibration feeder, the system is designed to prevent overloading, congestion and inefficient washing.

Main Unit:

The recycling unit is made of galvanized steel and has a compact structure. It is a helical washing and carrying unit, offering 5m³/h capacity. 

It is designed to eliminate any sealing or bearing problems.

A butterfly valve with manual actuator is supplied at the discharge exit.

There is one outlet at each side to guide overflowed grey water.

The 20mm thick carbon steel flights and shaft system are suitable for heavy duty operation.

A clean water distributor system is included for additional washing of separated aggregates. Also a washing hose system with fittings is included.

A 1,5m³ capacity hopper with hatch is also supplied.

A direct coupled gearbox and 4kW electric motor with protection cover suitable for extra heavy duty operations are also included.

Control Panel:

The control panel and PLC have a manual mode and three automatic modes of operation. The intervals can be adjusted according to the plant needs and required washing efficiency.

Automatic modes:

·  Mode 1: Separation/washing mode

·  Mode 2: Stand by mode

·  Mode 3: Off/park mode

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